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The third Civilian series introduced a new twist called Double Up in which part of the twist was a double house concept.

Celebrity Big Brother House: Photos and All The Secrets

The house from the previous season was basically scrapped and was replaced by two equal sized houses, connected through a single Confession Room and Storage Room. Teen Clash's house followed the concept of two houses and refurbished the houses used in Double Up. Both houses were summer themed as Teen Editions were considered the Summer seasons. It featured a camping theme as well on its furniture and decor. Initially, the House was occupied by teenagers from the lower social classes and became the house for the merged Housemates. The house featured pirate decor elements, tiki, surfing, shells and pearls decor as well as beach themed murals.

Initially, the Apartment was occupied by the teen housemates whose lives were far from poverty. When the housemates merged, another new occupants arrived called The Teenternationals. However, unlike the Villa, the Apartment had no beds at all. The well-to-do housemates had to sleep in a traditional woven sleeping mat called "banig". It wasn't until the Teenternational Housemates entered that the Apartment had beds. As part of the season's twist featuring three houses, each house was designed to reflect the three of social classes in Philippine society; the Rich who live in luxury, the Middle Class who lives in an Urban life and the Poor who lives below the poverty line.

The first house to be occupied was called the Slums. The slums was located where the original location of the activity area can be found.

The surprising location of the Big Brother house REVEALED | Daily Mail Online

In Double Up it was used as House B's outdoor area. The Slums was designed to look like a typical slum community with shanty structures, open sewage and an open area layout.

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There were no couches, beds, dining table, nor any appliances. Everything were either upcycled, recycled or patched up to form a structure. The Slums was demolished on Day 22 with the housemates moving to another location. The third house to be occupied and the house used for the merge was called the Luxury House. The House was located in the Main House Area of the previous seasons, hence having access to the garden and the swimming pool.

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The house was brightly lit, featured geometric patterns, neon green color scheme complimenting with glossy white wall and floor. However, unlike the previous seasons, the house featured smaller bedrooms and smaller confession room.

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The Garden Area used to be a separate area called Resort where the winning house would get a chance to spend a time at the resort. The Resort became part of the Luxury House after the merge and became the house's pool and garden area. This season's house them had a very disco theme, reflecting Big Brother's own teenhood.

Big Brother House View From Space

It has an "orange" to "earth" color scheme and featured vinyl records as wall decor, round mirrors, as well as a confession room chair resembling a disco ball. The Teen Edition 4 used the luxury house's floorplan in the previous season. It was the first season since Teen Edition Plus to have used a single house.

The house was refurbished within a week, and was considered as the fastest renovation ever in Pinoy Big Brother history. June 16, pm. The beddroom set-up looks weird. Did the lirary room get modified to the have Nots room?

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    February 19, pm. Liz Ragsdale. Does the backyard have a retractable roof to let the sunshine in? July 19, pm. Last year we had a shot of the wall that surround the building.


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