We understand that child custody matters can be very emotional, and our team is committed to helping clients reach custodial arrangements that meet their needs as well as the needs of their children. Throughout the process we aim to minimize animosity between parents so that a fair and productive outcome can be reached in the least stressful manner possible.

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Often the issues of child custody and parenting time can be resolved early on through negotiation. The attorneys at our firm are highly effective negotiators who assist in the preservation of a working relationship between divorcing parties. In addition, our skills within the realm of alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and arbitration, are often utilized to settle custody and other matters associated with a dissolving marriage.

Unfortunately, there are those rare cases in which custody cannot be effectively resolved outside of the litigation process. In these cases, we offer at team of experienced and aggressive trial attorneys who are prepared to advocate for your custody rights at all levels of the New Jersey family court system. For starters, courts in New Jersey must decide custody on a gender-neutral basis devoid of presumptions in favor of the father or mother.

Stated differently, neither parent has a superior right over the other to custody of the children. As with most litigated issues in family court, each family is unique and custody must be decided on its own merits. Under New Jersey law, there are several factors that a court must consider before entering a final custody award. The role that parents play in raising their children will depend on their custodial arrangement.

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New Jersey law provides for two types of child custody: physical and legal. Physical custody refers to the residential arrangement between a parent and child where the child physically resides. A court has authority to make any custodial arrangement it deems to be in the best interests of the child, including but not limited to:.

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New Jersey Courts have shown a preference for custody arrangements that allow both parents full and genuine involvement in the lives of their children following a divorce. Major decisions can only be made with notice to and consent of each parent.

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A court which has entered a child custody order under the auspices of the UCCJEA has exclusive, continuing jurisdiction until either:. Interstate and international child custody disputes are almost always complex and contentious. These cases require the skills and resources of a New Jersey law firm capable of handling complicated child custody matters. The attorneys at Einhorn Barbarito have substantial experience representing clients in international and interstate custody cases.

If you have international or interstate custody-related questions or are in need of legal representation, we encourage you to contact our New Jersey custody lawyers at Contact us to schedule a consultation or call now to speak with an attorney International Custody. Overview Videos Blog. View page content: Overview Videos Blog. New Jersey Custody Lawyers Handling Sophisticated International and Interstate Cases Custody disputes are complicated matters that become even more convoluted when international or interstate issues are involved.

Overview of International Custody and Interstate Custody Disputes Custody disputes involving citizens of different states within the United States and citizens of the United States and other countries have become increasingly common.


International Child Custody Remedies Interstate custody issues arise under any of a number of circumstances including but not limited to those when a custody order was entered in one state, and the child is removed without permission, consent or authority of the court to another state. Take the first step to getting control of your life and establishing your parenting time today. She always explained the law thoroughly.

I understood every part of the process. Comparisons aside, you are an amazing attorney.

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You have been compassionate and professional every step of the way. We truly appreciate your efficiency and expertise.

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