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Louis Post-Dispatch Predators Among Us This is a series of stories concerning sexual predators in Florida and how the state's program for screening, confining, and treating sexual offenders is failing. By Jason Grotto Miami Herald Sex Abuse Continues; Juvenile offenders often locked in rooms together Staff reporter, Geoff Dutton of the Columbus Dispatch talks about the rate of sexual offenses amongst juveniles in Ohio's only prison for young rapists and sexual molesters.

As this reporter discovered, there is widespread sexual activity among the inmates in this prison and also among inmates and the security personnel. The follow-up stories also covers how the facility lacks good counselors and social workers. Although records of the accidents have been kept secret for reasons of "client confidentiality," the reporters managed to obtain documents revealing the flaws in the system -- incident reports, autopsy reports, wrongful death lawsuits, trip reimbursement vouchers, etc. Another finding is that many of the van drivers had extensive rap felony records.

Predators among us Primetime Live originally began investigating a man charged with killing and cannibalizing a boy, doing follow-up they discovered that the institution in Massachusetts that he had been released from had released 26 other dangerous men who committed crimes immediately after release.

Their investigation into the Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous found numerous other problems such as sex with inmates, pedophiles receiving disability payments and inmates with free access to the neighborhood surrounding the facility. The Promise and Peril of Private Prisons This three-part series shows how a group of exported felons created jobs and contributed to the economic growth of small towns in the south where other industries failed.

Most of them are murderers, sexual offenders from Wisconsin's over crowded prisons who were relocated to prisons in small towns in Tennessee and Texas. The move, however, also brought perils to these towns. A local guard was beaten up by inmates. He is now permanently disabled.

We exposed a huge hole in the system. Schools, day care centers, state licensing agencies all rely on the state's crime computer for criminal background checks. Testimony showed Chavez raped the boy, shot him when he tried to escape, then dismembered his body and hid the parts in concrete-covered planters.

Chavez told police that he grabbed the boy at gunpoint right after he left the school bus and bundled him into his pickup truck and took him to his trailer where he raped him. When the boy tried to flee he shot him in the back and decapitated him and hid the body in an avocado grove.

Grief and perseverance: Don Ryce, the father of Jimmy Ryce, talks about Juan Carlos Chavez, 46, who kidnapped, raped and murdered his son, 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce on his way home from school almost 20 years ago. Supporters: Ellen Fullwood, of Ft.

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Myers, Florida and another demonstrator stand in vigil across the highway from the Florida State Correctional Prison near Starke, Florida - hours before the execution of Juan Carlos Chavez. Chavez, a convicted child-sex offender.

Housing Violent Sexual Predators

Ryce's parents Don and Claudine Ryce turned the tragedy's pain into a push for stronger U. Their foundation provided hundreds of free canines to law enforcement agencies to aid in searches for children. Despite an intensive search in by police and volunteers, regular appeals for help through the media and distribution of flyers about Jimmy, it wasn't until three months later that Chavez's landlady discovered the boy's book bag and the murder weapon — a revolver Chavez had stolen from her house — in the trailer where Chavez lived.

Chavez later confessed to police and led them to Jimmy's remains according to the Miami Herald. He was tried and found guilty of murder, sexual battery and kidnapping. Jimmy's father, Don Ryce, has continued his crusade against sexual predators since his sons death. Presidential seal: Bill Clinton signs legislation on the treatment of sexual predators into law in front of Jimmy's parents, Claudine and Don Ryce, who were fixtures on television in the weeks after Jimmy disappeared.

He has successfully raised enough money to provide search and rescue teams looking for missing children with bloodhounds and he invited one of their handlers to watch Chavez's execution with him.

Background Checks Coverage

Don Ryce, Jimmy's father said recently that he and his wife had become determined to turn their son's horrific slaying into something positive, in part because they felt they owed something to all the people who tried to help find him. That was just not the way we wanted to live the rest of our lives,' he said to the Miami Herald. The Ryces created the Jimmy Ryce Center for Victims of Predatory Abduction, a nonprofit organization based in Vero Beach that works to increase public awareness and education about sexual predators.

It also provides counseling for parents of victims and helps train law enforcement agencies in ways to respond to missing children cases. The organization has also provided, free of charge, more than bloodhounds to police departments around the country and abroad. Ryce said if police searching for Jimmy had bloodhounds they might have found him in time. Juan Carlos Chavez listens to his attorney, Pat Nally , right, Wednesday, in November, , before Judge Marc Shumacher , denied a request by the suspected killer of 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce to suppress his confession, ruling that statements to investigators were given freely and voluntarily.

The Ryces also helped persuade then-President Bill Clinton to sign an executive order allowing missing-child flyers to be posted in federal buildings, which they had been prevented from doing for their own son. Another accomplishment was passage in Florida of the Jimmy Ryce Act, versions of which have also been adopted in other states. Under the law, sexual predators found to be still highly dangerous can be detained through civil commitment even after they have served their prison sentences.

Jimmy Ryce's murderer Juan Carlos Chavez executed in Florida

Such people must prove they have been rehabilitated before they can be released. Chavez had no criminal record, so the law would not have affected him. Chavez's only visitor Wednesday was his spiritual adviser, prison officials said. Chavez's most recent state and federal court appeals have focused on claims that Florida's lethal injection procedure is unconstitutional, that he didn't get due process during clemency hearings and that he should have an execution stay to pursue additional appeals in the federal courts.

The Florida Supreme Court, however, refused Wednesday morning to stay the execution to allow Chavez time to pursue those challenges, and the U. Supreme Court followed suit hours later.

Juan Carlos Chavez #

The appeals prompted a more than two-hour delay in Chavez's execution. Chavez confessed to kidnapping, sexually molesting and shooting to death nine-year old Jimmy Ryce. Earlier this month, 18 years since Jimmy Ryce's rape and murder, his father and his mother, before her death, tried to alleviate the pain of their family's tragedy by working for society's good. They pushed for new laws regarding confinement of sexual predators and worked to improve police procedures in missing child cases. There is no such thing as closure, hate that word.

It doesn't resolve everything for you. My child will not suddenly come back if Chavez is executed,' said Ryce, a year-old retired labor lawyer. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Most watched News videos 60 Minutes investigates Jeffrey Epstein's sex-trafficking ring Horrifying moment man deliberately encourages dog to attack cat Josh Waring is seen getting attacked by another inmate in jail Smart dog helps owner working on his six-pack Cruise ship Brits carry on drinking after swimming pool overflows Friendly deer plays with dog in garden in Pennsylvania Little drummer boy in Louisiana shows skills in high school band Careless man knocked out cold after touching horse on its backside Hilarious moment man falls into pool at a Bristol house party Baby has hilariously blissed out reaction to calming head scratcher Nigel Farage confronted by man on the campaign trail in Cumbria Woman damages her car attempting to cut Popeyes drive-thru.

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