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Note: Leaving all un-checked is the same as checking all. Last Name:. Show Soundex Codes? We would like to thank the Municipal Archives for their assistance in this project. You may view the available forms in a new window by clicking on the links of your preferred format — Or you can download save files to your computer by Right-Clicking on them instead, then choosing " Save as ". NOTE : We have received a few questions concerning an age of years Where the age was unknown , a " y" was entered.

When the date was unknown , a 99 was used as the day. And when the certificate number was unknown, a "" was used. These decisions were not made by us -- they are what is printed in the original index. Records Search: Deaths Please note that the Surname e. Exact Match "is exactly" - This is the default surname search method.

Soundex "sounds like" - This option enables you to specify a surname spelling it out as best you can, and it will return results that "sound" similar to what you spelled out. First Name or Initial:. Before you continue Are you sure? I have been looking for the death record of my great grandmother who died in Rochester around She was around 27 years of age at the time. I suspect they lived in Ogdenburg, and were visiting one of Jos' sisters in Rochester when Mary died.

The sister is Selina Celina , who was married to Raphael Page who lived on Ontario street in ward 16 at the time. When I first decided to search for my lineages I asked my family for informations. When it came to Jos's history I recieved a couple of different epic stories. The one who caught my attention was told by an uncle who had followed his alleged trace up to Scotland. According to him Jos would have been a scots sailor who entered Canada hidden in a boat hold, kidnapped a rich merchant's daughter in Nova Scotia then ran away in USA with her.

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That uncle is obsessed by anything pertaining to army epics so that king of saga is dear to him. He came back from Scotland with great clan bloody epics stories he sherish as beeing won by alleged remote ancesters. I found that saga so bold and there was nothing else serious enough to guide me I decided to start by trying to deny those assumptions.

First, if Jos were a sailor, he shouldn't have had any need to hide in a boat to get here. Second, if he had kidnapped a girl in Nova Scotia, he couldn't have been able to travel all the way down to USA without being caught during the travel. Telegraph exists, and trains or boats have to call at some places during the travel. So that part of the saga doesn't make sense to me. I started with what was available, my grandfather's birth record. My uncle went to Ogdenburg to have it so he could ask for USA citizenship.

That record stated his father is Joseph Lefebvre and mother Mary Gagnon. He also got their mariage record. So why his father's family here are Bean? I started by consulting the different censuses of the time starting in Ogdenburg. Nothing under Lefebvre.

I tought maybe they changed names for any reason. So I chearched for Bean. Then I found Archibald Beans family where Jos stands. He a 7yo boy. That age matches his age at death. The census states the whole family as canadians. First proof of false assumptions, Jos was not scots and didn't get to Canada by fraude he was too young.

On his mariage record his wife is Mary Gagnon. Mariage in Ogdenburg In the Lovell's I find Peter He lives near the railway and port at. He's a brakeman. In he's still listed in the Lovell's but now as a labor. I look in the microfilms at LDS churh and finds that Jos has been maried first in His wife and child died a little more than a year later.

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Then I find the original for his mariage with Mary and the birth records of his children except for one daughter, Lidy. His first child dies also less than a year after birth. I then look for them in Quebec province and find, always in the Lovell's that both Jos and his in law live in Montreal no more than one street apart. The two families seem very close together. Then I find Lidy's birth record there. Jos signs Lefebvre on the paperwork.

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Jos lives there from to then the family leaves for Ogdenburg. Then Jos states that Mary died in Rochester. No success. It's like she came from nowhere and vanished. She died during a harsh period of epidemics of all sorts. Maybe she caught some virulent virus and died. I wrote to some churches in the area, no record on her and no answer too.

The same for hospitals. I tought that maybe he got her remains and buried her in Ogdenburg. No chance even in churches or cemetaries. Maybe it's because I write to them places instead of getting there.

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I don't know. And I'm out of ideas. These searches have been made a couple of years ago. I did some again in the last months. A lot of sites say that they have the records but I must pay before I see. I'll have to put a significant budget to consult all what they have available. That's why I ask for help. Maybe some of you are already using these facilities. I did the same for some Brits and French some years ago. Not all states in the US allow their death records, or indexes to those records, to be published online. The Family Search Wiki's article How to Find New York Death Records gives a timeline for creation of state-wide death records, with pointers to the records depending on when they were created:.

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Starting in June , New York required Copies of these deaths were then filed with the State Department of Health. The New York Archives as well as nine other repositories in New York hold copies of microfiche indexes to death certificates. Contact one of these ten repositories listed on the State Archives website to search the index. Requests for genealogy copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates held by the New York State Department of Health may be dropped off at the New York State Archives or at:. Local registrars of vital statistics town, village, city, or consolidated county district hold registers of births, marriages, and deaths or for recent decades, duplicate certificates.

The Family Search Wiki has a table listing the pros and cons of ordering a death certificate from the state vs. If you do not find your great-grandmother in the index, it's possible that her record may not have been indexed with the spelling that you expect, or that the index is not complete. You can also look for evidence of her death in other records. The BEAN surname is not listed in this article; I include it for others reading this answer later who may be researching families from Quebec.

In my experience, when you're looking for information you can't find, it helps to collect all the information you have, and place life events in a timeline, with a note saying what the source is for each event.